Rudolph’s Premium Veal Selection

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Veal is the typically tenderest beef product to work with, and it requires some careful preparation to guarantee outstanding results when cooking. Veal has been a delicacy enjoyed by many for centuries. It has been said that some time near the year 100AD, the Romans would often enjoy so much veal that regulations and restrictions had to be put in place to ensure future stocks would be replenished properly.

Rudolph's Market Veal Selection

Veal Cuts & Preparations

This diagram illustrates some of the more common cuts and preparations for veal.


blade, shoulder, arm roast & steaks


short rib, rib roast, crown roast


riblet, breast roast


shank & crosscut shank


sirloin roast, butterfly chop, loin & kidney chop

 • LEG

rump roast, round steak, leg cutlet

More About Rudolph’s Premium Veal Selection

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Rudolph’s hand picks and hand cuts the highest quality young veal for our customers. In a way that most butcher shops fail to meet the mark, Rudolph’s stands heads above the rest. Rudolph’s incorporates more than a century of knowledge in aging and processing beef to deliver the absolute best flavor possible for our customers and their families.


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Rudolph’s Market & Sausage Factory provides only the finest quality meat selection for our customers.

Rudolph's Market Premium Veal Selection
For farm sources and nutritional information, please ask a Rudolph’s Market representative. This data can vary from time to time, so we do not publish this information on our website.

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