Rudolph’s Premium Poultry Selection

Seasonal birds as well as everyday delicacies.

Rudolph’s Market supplies the finest quality natural free-range chickens, smoked or fresh turkeys, duck, pheasant, goose, quail, cornish hens, and much more.

Rudolph's Market Poultry Selection

Poultry Cuts & Preparations

This diagram illustrates the common cuts and preparations for most birds.


gravies, stews & more


grilled, fried or baked


chicken tenders, fingers


seasoned drumsticks & legs


dark meat, tender & juicy


soups & stocks


buffalo style, lemon pepper


crispy, spicy & hot

Rudolph’s Poultry & Foul Selection

Birds of a feather flock together…

Foodies from personal chefs to home enthusiasts know where to find the best selection of fresh birds in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. If the bird you are looking for is not at the store, we can locate it and have it ready within no time. For custom orders, catering and events, or any type of special inquiry, please call or come by the shop at your convenience.

Some birds may not be available due to seasonal restrictions.

Rudolph's Market Smoked Turkey

Rudolph’s Smoked Turkeys

We know that you may very well be capable of cooking your own turkey, but will it taste as good as ours? Not to mention the time invested, and the mess in the kitchen. The Rudolph’s Market smokers work overtime during the holidays to provide the finest quality smoked turkeys for hundreds of happy homes. Just one bite and you’ll see why ordering a fully cooked smoked turkey from Rudolph’s Market is the best decision for your next family gathering.

Be sure to think ahead and beat the rush… call today to order your smoked turkey from Rudolph’s Market.

Rudolph’s Market News for Poultry

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