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Lamb is a delicious, versatile alternative to other meats. Historically, served as a spring delicacy, lamb can now be enjoyed year round. From riblet to roast, lamb’s delicate flavor combines and compliments a wide variety of herbs and spices, vegetables and/or fruits.

Excerpts courtesy of Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board.

Rudolph's Market Lamb Selection

Lamb Cuts & Preparations

This diagram illustrates some of the more common cuts and preparations for lamb.


braised lamb neck, stews


shoulder roast, blade chop


shank, stews


rolled breast, breast of lamb


lamb flank, flank steak


leg roast, leg chop


sirloin roast, sirloin chop


riblets, spare ribs

Rudolph’s Premium Lamb Selection…

Things to look for when shopping for lamb…

Lamb which is meat from an animal less than a year old.
Young lamb which should be pink, firm and fine textured. A cross section of the bone should be red, moist and porous.
Older lamb cuts should be lean and light red. Although a cross section of the bone will appear drier it should still be hard and red.
The color of the fat will vary depending on the breed, age and type of feed which was used.

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