Rudolph's Market Chili & Hotdogs

Rudolph’s Market Chili & Hotdogs

Simplicity at its best…

Believe it or not, our plain old hotdogs and chili are one of our biggest sellers. It is probably because Rudolph’s secret family recipe for hand made chili (sold in old-fashioned 1 lbs and 5 lbs bricks) has the taste our customers keep coming back for. And our hotdogs… these definitely are not grocery store dogs. We have the real deal, made fresh weekly in various sizes, with no preservatives or additives.

Rudolph’s Chili

Mmm, mmm, delicious…

This decades old chili recipe has been passed though generations of our family for you to enjoy. Sold in 1 lbs or 5 lbs bricks, Rudolph’s chili is pre-seasoned and ready to cook right out of the butcher paper wrapping. For your next family gathering or big event, stop by and pick up a batch of Rudolph’s chili and impress your guests with the best chili in town.

Large and custom orders available. Please allow plenty of time for preparation and call ahead.

Rudolph's Market Chili Con Carne

Rudolph’s Hotdogs

No grocery store dogs here…

Rudolph’s old fashion hotdogs, when compared to your run of the mill store bought dog, are the Rolls Royce of hotdogs. Prepared on-site in the Rudolph’s Market Sausage Factory, using only the finest quality ingredients, these dogs are the tastiest value in town. One bite and you will taste the Rudolph’s difference.

Rudolph’s hotdogs are perfect for picnics, family gatherings, large events and more. Stop by the shop today to pick up a pack of these tasty dogs for you and your family.

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